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Goodbye Take Two

Okay, so apparently the problem of creating a blog about gender is that you actually have to have something to say about gender.

Shocking, I know.

So some of you may have noticed that I've never posted again on EnGender, and that probably won't change because after the initial change, I realized that no one at Smith cared about my gender presentation. Besides a few comments when I went back to Lawrence, and one awkward awkward girl, no one said anything. And this is partly because I live in a new house that has never seen me before, and partly because Smithies are so used to this that no one really gives a shit.

But this particular livejournal feels played out. I have had it since I was 14, and it shows. Even the name is old--an old reference to a character that I used to play on an rpg in middle school. 90% of the stuff here is locked so that only I can see it, because no one needs to see how immature and weird I was when I was in early high school.

So I'm moving (again). Check out smithie_speaks if you want to find me. I'll be talking about life at Smith a lot, since I'm writing it mostly for friends who are abroad and want to know what's going on on campus. I'm keeping this journal active until I decide whether I want to move all of my fandom stuff to my new digs, but I probably will and then I will delete this, because not even posterity wants to read my old entries. Seriously.

So hopefully I'll see some of you on my new lj, but feel free to unfriend me or not follow me or whatever. Its been a long run, but I think its time for a change.
Iran Revolution, by fuckyeah

This is all for Hannah

Okay. So I'd like to say in advance that this is all for inkstain who told me that I should stop being such a wuss because ljing is all about writing about nothing. So if I spend several hundred words saying nothing and clog up your friends list, it's all her fault.

Boy have I gotten out of practice with this. I've even gotten out of practice writing in a paper journal, which I managed to do last year for the longest stretch of time in my life (6 months). But then after I came back from the India Trip From Hell (TM), I had so much to do that I stopped journalling. And now 4 months later, my journal is safely packed in a box, at Smith, so there's no chance I'll be able to break that cycle.

But today was in fact an interesting day. As opposed to yesterday, where all I could have said was "I woke up and had breakfast and lay in bed until noon, when I finally took a shower and called inkstain, but not at the same time."

Whereas today I can say that I spent a lovely afternoon dying my hair, destroying my t-shirts, and splashing paint on my shoes.

So now my hair is sort of reddish purple, because my mom begged me not to bleach it (and to be honest, I didn't really want to myself). So I just put the purple dye in over my natural hair color and hoped for the best. It looks....good, I think, even if it is a bit more subtle than I'm used to.

I did this over at my friend Joellen's house, but wisely refrained from washing the dye out in her bathtub. And all I can say is thank goodness I did, because my bathtub is now a light purple color from the dye. However, since it's my bathtub and no one else's, I can ignore it until my mother comes in and looks at it.

After we put the dye in my hair, Jo and I splashed paint all over the converse that I bought at Buffalo Exchange. (God, I love the Buffalo Exchange. I will be sad to leave it in Tucson, although that's probably better for my budget.) They were mid calf length black ones with the zippers so you can take off the top bit and just have regular sneakers, and they are probably the most hipster thing I own, but they were $16 so I knew that this was the time to get them. And about a week ago I decided that they would look much better if they were liberally splashed with paint...and the rest is history. Pretty, pretty history.

(Of course now I have to find clothing that will go with them, which is not helping my desire to buy a pair of skinny jeans. I know. SHAME. Sometimes I'm afraid of what Smith has done to me.)

Tomorrow I'm going to have lunch at Little Cafe Poca Cosa, one last hurrah before I become a vegetarian for at least the summer but probably forever. This will be much easier when I'm back in Northampton, because there is no good Mexican food in NoHo, so there's no temptation to eat meat. However I've put it off for the past three weeks because as long as I'm in Tucson I'm eating as much Mexican food as my stomach will hold, and I will not sacrifice my Pollo Adobado or Carnitas or Carne Asada or anything else yummy which I probably won't get again. Plus its saved the argument with my mother. (True story: when I gave up fish last year, the first thing my mother said was "But how will you get all those essential oils and minerals?!" My mother: good person, strange priorities.)

Then I will go and say goodbye to my Tucson friends for the summer as I head back to NoHo on Saturday and my parents have claimed all my other time ever.

I'm not sure that I'll have a room available when I get back, so I may have to crash on someone's floor for the night. But hey, at least I have a room for the summer. For a while there it was looking like it wasn't going to happen.
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So...I've decided to use my journal again. Mostly because it's a good place to ramble and talk and embed pictures to prove my point. And I can show it to my parents without having to show them how to get Facebook. So. Yes. There was a point to this paragraph. Oh! It was that there's going to be a long, pretty image heavy rambling after the cut. But click if you want to see pictures of my new life at Smith, and my new hair. Which is purple/red/pink, depending on where it is in the fading out process.

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